A Case Study Of A Female Client, Janey, Suffering From A Psychotic Disorder ( Schizoaffective Disorder )

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This is a case study of a female client, Janey, suffering from a psychotic disorder (schizoaffective disorder). Schizoaffective disorder, having symptoms of both schizophrenia and mood disorders, is more likely to be diagnosed in females than males and is rare in children. One result of schizoaffective disorder is that the individual randomly experience strong symptoms of mania or depression. For many individuals, including this client, some psychological symptoms of schizoaffective disorder may be severe: mood changes (mania and depression), delusions, hearing voices that are not really there, and hallucinations (Niv, Zucker, Frousakis, Mueser, & Reist, 2016). The client was diagnosed and given a mental assessment in hopes of determining the factors that cause the client distress and harm to their wellbeing. Throughout the assessment, the client 's criminal and residential background revealed that the maladaptive behavior was a result of schizoaffective disorder. People with schizoaffective disorder are disorganized, suspicious, delusional, have trouble focusing, and are socially withdrawn (Berger, 2016). However, through a processes of anti-psychotics, anti-depressant/mood stabilizers, as well as psychoanalytic therapy, this client developed new and beneficial coping mechanisms that showed a significant improvement in the client’s wellbeing. Patient
Janey, is a twenty-seven-year-old female. She is an unstable, unemployed, delusional individual who does not like to stay…
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