A Case Study Of Abc Recruitment Agency

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Managing Activities to Achieve Results: A Case Study of ABC Recruitment Agency Introduction The world of business is increasingly challenging because the systems that need to be managed are becoming more complex. Many organisations are facing shrinking resources and growing structural complications (North and Macal, 2007). The market is becoming extremely competitive as companies all over the world have identified the prowess of human resource and it has become extremely important for the companies operating in the manpower industry to be more agile and use strategies to recruit best talent. ABC company is experiencing problems and facing challenges in current business environment due to lack of proper management structure that has…show more content…
In order to analyse the situation in detail, the organisation chart is presented below upon which the relationship between different functions and processes will be analysed. Figure 1; Organisational Chart of ABC Company – A Recruitment Firm Relationships among functions and processes According to Singla (2011), an organisation can achieve its objective if its strategy is put into action and allocating different roles to different persons and to determine the relationship between those persons who are to perform those activities or functions. As per the organisational chart, there is a line relationship between different functions in the ABC Company, While HR is responsible for organisational staffing internally, sales and marketing division needs continuous coordination with the Operations division to provide input to discuss the market demand and company’s marketing strategy. Functional relationships apply to the relationship between people in specialist and advisory positions, and line managers and their subordinates (Mullins, 2005). The functions of Operations Head are to lead a team of HR experts, executive search team and industry specific experts to plan, organise and execute strategies. It is the overall responsibility of Operations Manager to design strategy, organise its implementation and apply control mechanism (Haynes, 2007). HR functions are divided into two categories; line functions, which are concerned with managing

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