A Case Study Of Air Accidents During Turkey Using The Human Factors Analysis And Classification System ( Hfacs )

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A case study of air accidents in Turkey using the Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS)
Nurettin Dinler
Florida Institute of Technology
College of Aeronautics
Aviation Safety Management (AVS 5207)
Research Paper

Aviation industry comes into prominence compared other transportation sectors in terms of fast, reliable, safe and economical. Aviation industry therefore is crucial for countries due to not only economic and social development but global integration as well. When compared with other countries, aviation industry has developed quickly in Turkey for the last decade because of privatization activities since 2003. While air traffic is raising significantly in Turkey, safety performance does not seem to be increasing side by side comparison. Hence, the study evaluated safety performance in Turkey ' air transport industry with the help of statistical figures showing accidents and fatality rates and air accident reports during the period 2003-2015. Accidents rates in Turkey were higher than average rates in developed regions such as Europe and USA. The content analysis of the accident reports using the HFACS reveals that ineffective audit implementation and skill based errors are the main influences on air accident occurrences in Turkey.

The contribution of incident and accident investigation to future safety for aviation industry is crucial to help manage risks to life, the environment, assets and business continuity in the…
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