A Case Study Of Ford Motor Company

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2 | Introduction:
Henry Ford incorporated Ford Motor Company in 1903 at Dearborn, Michigan, USA and is known to have adapted practices that were not popular in those days. The Car Maker is known for their famous “Model T” and the unique innovation of interchangeable parts in moving assembly lines that makes it possible to assemble cars at low cost and high reliability. Ford
Motor established an impressive financial track record almost throughout the 20 th Century
(barring the record loss of $7 billion in 1992) till the Millennium started. Ford Motor Company incurred a financial loss of about 5.45 billion dollars in 2001 and never really recovered confidently after this
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What are the details of various techniques for Strategic Analysis of a Company?
Q3. What techniques are suitable for Internal and External Investors and for Mergers &
Q4. What does Financial and Strategic analytics reveal about Ford Motors and Tata Motors and how do they compare?
Q5. What is the future outlook of Ford Motors and Tata Motors for the next five years?
2.1.2 - Significance of the Problem
Company Valuation is carried out to protect the interest of the investors and also
to give the big picture view to the Internal Stake Holders such that they can align their strategies towards the positive direction.
The case study of Ford Motors and Tata Motors is expected to bring to table the detailed valuation techniques and also the causes of downfall of Ford Motors and learning from the success of Tata Motors. The significance of this research is that this dissertation would be useful as a reference guide for not only carrying out analysis of the theoretical framework of company valuation but also presenting practical analytics by virtue of the case studies of Ford Motors and
Tata Motors using financial statements and analytics that are published on the Internet and
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