A Case Study Of Nestle S.a

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This case study of Nestlé S.A. will identify and analyse on a managerial issue that this company has undergone. The issue recognised is the use of child labour in cocoa production. This problem is a violation of child labour and human trafficking laws. This problem in society is completely unethical and inhumane and multiple global companies have had similar issues related to their production lines. Many articles have stated similar arguments and opinions towards this type of labour. There have been multiple multinational companies that have chosen to use cheap and foreign labour, however the ramifications of their actions lead to consumer boycotts. - Need more info on why this issue is important THEORETICAL SECTION – 600 words The…show more content…
Nestlé’s ‘objective is to be the leader in Nutrition, Health and Wellness, and the industry reference for financial performance, trusted by all stakeholders’ (Nestlé Annual Report, 2014). The corporate business principles that Nestlé makes evident are followed by all of the company’s employees and managers. 1. Nutrition, Health and Wellness The company’s main goal is to increase the quality of consumer lives by producing healthy food and beverage options. Nestlé is also known to actively promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This can be expressed from their slogan ‘Good Food, Good Life’ (Nestle.com, 2015) 2. Quality Assurance and product safety The company feels that if a consumer hears the name Nestlé, they will associate it with high quality products. 3. Consumer Communication Nestlé has stated that they are fully dedicated to effectively communicating with their consumers about healthier diets and allowing them to practice their right to be informed about all of their choices. Nestlé also protects consumers’ privacy. 4. Human Rights in our business activities Nestlé lets consumers know that they support the United Nations Global Compact’s guiding principles on the rights of humans and ethical labour. The company shows society that through their business activities they can be a good example of ethical practices. 5. Leadership and personal responsibility The

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