A Case Study Of The Acquisition Of The Jaguar And Land Rover By Tata Motors

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A case study of the acquisition of the Jaguar and Land Rover by Tata Motors

Purpose – This research explores the key factors in the success of the integration and implementation process for creation of value through realization of synergy from the merger of firms. It also intends to study the managerial complexities associated with these key factors.
Method – A case study method approach has been adopted in this research from Tata Motors acquisition of Jaguar and Land Rover a British Automotive brand in mid of 2008. In-depth semi-structured interviews, with managers and executives, having experience on change management & integration of the firms, constitute as empirical source.
Findings & Discussion - The findings support that
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This Human factor plays an important aspect in the creation of value. And, by successfully overcoming the barriers which they create during the change process, wealth can be generated from the acquisition.
Although, both pre-acquisition and post-acquisition are important part of the M & A activity, but it finally comes down to the integration and implementation phase, where the value has to be generated from the realization of synergy in both the firms. However, majority of the acquisitions fail to realize value from the acquisition during the post merger integration & implementation phase (Simpson, 2000). This has been the case, largely, because firms` fail to manage the multiple elements which exists during the integration and Implementation phase (Jemison & Sitkin, 1986; Kitching, 1967). Successes with these factors are essential in order to create value from the M & A. This phase of Integration and implementation fails due to the inbuilt challenges and issues with respect to lack of communication (Nilsson, 2010), cultural clash between the firms (Pablo, 1994), managing of the change process (Ashkenas and Francis, 2000), to speed (Angwin, 2004) and extent (Saxton and Dollinger, 2004) of integration between the firms. Research shows that the failure tends to occur due to lack of success in overcoming the challenges and issues, which these elements produce during the

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