A Case Study Of Walter's Condition

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Often, many people tend to take their ability to make their own decisions for granted. After finishing an assessment of Walter and his home, I would arrange a feasible time for Walter and his daughter to meet with me to discuss the concerns and comments I have about Walter’s condition. By providing time and an inclusive space for Walter and the ones within his support circle to contribute to the decision-making process, Walter would be able to express his thoughts about going to a retirement home and anything else he would like to voice towards his daughter and care providers. I would inform the patient and his family about the strengths that I witnessed which includes his steady orientation, clear-headedness, realistic mindset, and ability to care personally about his…show more content…
Walter is able to understand the nature of his condition, is willing to change, receive help from others to do so, and is not being manipulated or coerced to make these decisions - these are elements of assent established by Flegel & MacDonald
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