A Case Study On Entrepreneurship And Business Failure Essay

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“John Labatt Blows In and Out of the Windy City, A Case Study in Entrepreneurship and Business Failure, 1889-1896”, a 2014 article by Matthew Bellamy clearly illustrates multiple aspects working against the Labatt Brewery in its attempt to jump into American saloons in the nineteenth century. Being the first Canadian Brewery to tackle an expansion undertaking provided an interesting study for the author. The article discusses the brewery’s history and compares the different possibilities that lead to the downfall of the company’s American Expansion. Debating with the readers whether the failure was caused by environmental factors or strong personality traits, by not understanding the American consumer base or by not planning for new expenses- Bellamy covers many possible angles as to where the collapse could have faulted. Initially looking at how to define a business failure, the author synthesizes for the audience generally accepted symptoms: “market share erosion, persistent low or negative profitability, shrinking critical resources, or the loss of legitimacy” (Bellamy, 2014.) When comparing this information to an article by Michael Porter from 2008 titled “The Five Competitive Forces that Shape Strategy”, there is some overlay in information. Interestingly enough, multiple of these aspects are seen through the company’s attempted expansion as well as in other companies who also failed. When searching for what John Labatt’s, of Labatt Brewery, overall goal was in the
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