A Case Study On Hospitality

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A Case Study in Hospitality
Phillip Lehane
MIssouri State University Background
This case begins with a busy, successful hotel that is part of a well-known major chain. The employees are happy and productive, there are no problems with anything. Audrey is an employee at the front desk and, unbeknownst to the rest of the hotel staff, she is in a relationship with her direct supervisor, Gerald. Their relationship has lasted roughly three months. Audrey had recently finalized a divorce, and has been in a dire financial situation as she kept the kids from the divorce. Audrey recognized that she needed a second job, but Gerald convinced her to abandon those pursuits; telling her he would help her fix her money issues. Gerald did not help as he had promised, and Audrey began borrowing money from her cash drawer to pay her bills. The general manager, Pablo, caught Audrey when he counted her drawer while Gerald was on vacation. After the confrontation, Audrey confessed to the taking money from her cash drawer, and to her relationship with her superior. Audrey stated that she has always paid back the money she borrowed. The hotel management now must decide what to do.
Audrey has a need to protect her family. She and Gerald had an interest in protecting their relationship. Gerald wishes to protect his job and reputation, but he also has an emotional investment in Audrey. The front office staff need to work together as a cohesive team. A relationship between a front
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