A Case Study On Osteoporosis

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Case Study Summary:
Louise a 55 year old woman who cares for her 15 year-old granddaughter Marissa, just found out that she has been diagnosed with osteoporosis after visiting the doctor for long-lasting hip and wrist pain. Louise is a small framed, underweight woman and has recently had a significant amount of bone loss which caused her to loss a half of an inch in height in the last year. Her lifestyle consists of junk food, lots of soda, no exercise and she recently quit smoking a pack a day of cigarettes a year ago and she occasionally has a drink of alcohol.
Louise’s granddaughter Marissa is worried and she wonders if she has the possibility of developing osteoporosis herself and if there are ways to prevent the disease.
Background of Case Study Disease: When the reduction in bone mass is sufficient to compromise normal function, the condition is known as Osteoporosis. The brittle bones that result are likely to break when exposed to stresses that younger individuals could easily tolerate. Any fractures in aged individuals lead to loss of independence and immobility that future weakens the skeleton. Once the bones have weakened some symptoms may consist of back pain, caused by a fractured or collapsed vertebra, loss of height, a stooped posture (kyphosis) and bone fractures can occur more easily. There are two types of Osteoporosis; controllable and uncontrollable. Some unchangeable risks may include family history, age, race, sex and frame size. Life style

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