A Case Study Report on Inventory Management at Amazon.Com

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Supply Chain Management: An International Journal Emerald Article: E-supply chains - virtually non-existing Remko van Hoek Article information: To cite this document: Remko van Hoek, (2001),"E-supply chains - virtually non-existing", Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, Vol. 6 Iss: 1 pp. 21 - 28 Permanent link to this document: http://dx.doi.org/10.1108/13598540110694653 Downloaded on: 23-05-2012 References: This document contains references to 11 other documents Citations: This document has been cited by 16 other documents To copy this document: permissions@emeraldinsight.com This document has been downloaded 4014 times. Access to this document was granted through an Emerald subscription provided by INDIAN INSTITUTE…show more content…
Experts reflect upon 21 The author Remko van Hoek is Professor in Supply Chain Management at Cranfield School of Management, UK and Head of the Corporate Executive Board, Washington DC, USA. Keywords Internet, Supply chain management, Electronic commerce Abstract There is rapidly growing interest in e-businesses. Its impact on supply chains is currently covered in about 150 papers and articles and the number is growing at the speed of computing power. Unfortunately, most of the published work, in research and practice, is biased to e-commerce and sales and marketing. The supply chain dimension of e-business is largely neglected and managed poorly, while basic logistics mal-performance is currently hampering turnover and revenues of e-commerce applications severely. If basic operational performance is not even assured, more advanced approaches of e-business will not take off, simply because there is inadequate support for the concepts in the physical domaine. Very often virtual integration is applied in an operational manner and in segments of the supply chain only, as opposed to an alternative approach developed here, that of strategic and integral supply chain involvement. This research note calls for an effort to make the supply chain dimension of e-business a reality and suggests practical approaches (create an e-supply chain which is a supply chain that can fulfill orders and assure supply
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