A Case Study Scenario That Provides Situations We May Face As Future Nurses

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This journal entry relates to a case study scenario that provides situations we may face as future nurses. We compare the material provided to us about Mr. Martinez to the determinants of health according to Healthy People 2020, and determine health literacy and competency concerns, health policies, and set SMART goals while using Tanner’s model. Two wellness nursing diagnosis will be formulated for Mr. Martinez in order to determine the problem and set up goals with promising outcomes. Lastly, primary, secondary and tertiary prevention are encompassed in accordance to the Public Health interventions Wheel.

Criterion 1: Tanner’s Model
Besides being a caregiver, nurses have several roles including being a decision maker, a patient’s advocate, communicator and a teacher. The creator of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale, determined the cause and effect of many factors and associated them with the nurse-patient relationship through knowledge, observation and efficiency. Clinical judgment is a crucial skill for essentially every single healthcare professional. It regards to a problem-solving action, began with assessment and nursing conclusion, continuing with formation and executing nursing interventions concentrating in the direction of the resolution of the diagnosed complications, and concluding in the evaluation of the success of the actions taken. Tanner’s model is the fundamental foundation of clinical judgment. We use it to understand and determine patent…
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