A Case Study for Adhd Students

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A Case Study for ADHD Students Peter John Bakas January 17th, 2011 As in any situation with any student that is special or gifted or that IDEA, IEP, and 504 Plans, have to be the first and foremost concern for all parties involved. “Education For All Handicapped Children Act Passed in 1975 Guaranteed and enforced the right of all children with disabilities to receive free and appropriate education Considered the foundation of special education in the United States; 1990- Law renamed to IDEA. What is an IEP? Individualized Education Plan Written plan that describes the program and special services a student requires to be successful Developed by parents and educators Individualized- plan specifically developed for a child’s special needs…show more content…
196). The psychological effects associated with ADHD may last into adulthood. The main recognized psychological characteristics as recognized by educational medical professionals are (What Are the Psychological Effects Associated With ADHD?): * Low Self-Esteem-Many patients with ADHD may suffer from low self-esteem as a result of the disorder's symptoms. Nicole Crawford, author of the article "ADHD: A Women's Issue," points out that when women do not get their ADHD treated, they suffer from chronic low self-esteem. The low self-esteem can stem from problems in school, which can occur with all of the symptoms of ADHD. For example, with the inattention symptoms, the MayoClinic.com notes that patients have problems finishing work, make careless mistakes and are easily distracted. They may also have organizational problems and dislike schoolwork. With the impulsive and hyperactive symptoms, patients have problems staying still during class and may interrupt others. The problems in school can lead to failure in school, which may cause underachievement in patients. The underachievement can add to patients' low self-esteem. * Depression-Some ADHD patients may develop depression, which MedlinePlus notes that parents should alert the child's doctor if they see signs. With depression, patients have a noticeable change in mood, such as persistent sadness and feeling helpless. Patients may have unusual guilt, which can make
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