A Case Study in the Effects of Social Class Essay examples

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In this essay the author will discuss the effects of class society, the bio-psycho-social issues and lifespan development, in relation to a 30 year old man described in the scenario (please see Appendix), and in accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s [NMC] “Code of Conduct” (2008), to maintain confidentiality his name has been changed to “Danny”.

Danny is overweight and unfit. He continues to gain weight because his energy intake is far greater than his energy output. His low-nutrient diet consists mainly of carbohydrates and fats and he leads a sedentary life, spending a lot of time watching television. He uses the lift to go up and down from his flat on the 8th floor. The only exercise Danny takes is walking to the
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wilson, (2007).

Danny may also suffer from a condition called “sleep apnoea” because being overweight can cause fatty tissues in the throat to enlarge restricting the flow of air into his lungs. Gross,R, (2006) Not getting enough sleep long term can cause many health problems too.Gross,R, (2006) Danny has begun to feel unwell, his main symptom is a high temperature, not pursued medical advice as he feels his health will resolve its self.

Psychosocial factors play a huge part in weight control; research has shown negative emotions for example depression effects eating habits, leading to weight gain leading to what is known as “comfort” eating, and people also tend to eat more when they are stressed (Logue, 1991). During a person’s life span people go through a series of transitions and crises known as the developmental life-cycle (Erikson 1980). During the life-cycle there are a series of changes where the individual faces a transition from one state to another, came up with the eight stages of developmental crises, but he viewed these more as dilemmas rather than disasters (Erikson 1980).

Every individual moves through each stage dealing with each crises or dilemma in their own way it is this that shapes their personality. These are times when the individual face a transition or turning point in their life. Erikson
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