A Case Study of Akron Children’s Hospital

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Akron Children’s Hospital Anthony D. Davis, Sr. Keiser University MBA 542 Dr. Lan Yuo November 19, 2010 When companies are faced with a particular dilemma, they seek the use of business research to…show more content…
By listening to, watching, and recording things that are usually covered under privacy laws, the door was opened for the most intimate of interactions to be revealed to others. Using this method of observation and their attempt to differentiate themselves from the other hospitals was a very smart move by Marcus Thomas LLC because it exposed what everyone wonders; how will I be treated and what will I experience. The documenting of all the interactions opens the door for potential customers to understand how their hospital stays would proceed. Observing how care was given and how patient 's parents were treated hits at the core of human emotion. It 's already difficult for parents to deal with their children having illnesses and when they can understand how they will be treated undoubtedly will aid in their decision as to the facility they will choose. These observational methods would uncover a lot of qualitative information from individual experiences expressed by those being shadowed. Phase 2 of the research entailed putting together focus groups. There would be 120 min. focus groups that were convened in three markets of northern Ohio. One of the Markets was where the Children 's Hospital was located and the other two were located in areas of potential growth. Marcus Thomas ensured that all the participants were parents who had children that were

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