Essay on A Case Study of Campbell Soup Harmony Project

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Modern organizations use a variety of resources to fulfill their objectives regardless if the company is a multinational or small entity, they all have a set of resources they depend on to achieve their goals. Part of the resource relied on is Information, and this information needs to be managed to optimize its value to produce the best stakeholder value they can. In order to manage these resources, Information Management systems are put in place. Information Management has to do with capturing information, efficient planning, organizing and evaluating the information to interpret for an organization to make well informed decisions. (Hinton, 2006) The main reason organizations depend on information is to improve its overall management in…show more content…
This process reduced not just customer’s satisfaction but also profit; there is a need for a financial information management to integrate all their business processes. SAP (System Applications Program) was introduced to the company to ensure efficient communication among the different modules of the business process. Critically examining how the decision to implement SAP reflects an organizational perspective on information management, according to Strassman’s (1995) concept, there are five core ideas that are used to maintain Information superiority in a company these are; Governance: this concerns power and applying an understanding to the distribution of power to the management. Business Plan Alignment: aligning plans of the use of the software with the organizations business plans. Process Improvement: regular analysis of all activities involved with the software to discover where improvements should be made Resource Optimization: resources such as people, time and money should be utilized properly in their appropriate places to maximize their benefits. Operating Excellence: this is concerned with the ongoing delivery of superior performance and quality across the business processes. Campbell Soup Company ensured all of these were in place during the implementation of the Information System and this helped in achieving a superior

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