A Case Study of Electronic Marketing Resources at Leafy Green Office Supplies

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Background Leafy Green Office Supplies Leafy Green Office Supplies (LGOS) is an organization that addresses the needs of local consumers and offices with an environmentally friendly bent. The company will serve a wide range of customers: individual consumers (walk ins), office accounts, and government agencies in the area. The company will sell eco-friendly products that use recycled materials, recharged toners and cartridges, and non-toxic alternatives. LGOS will also sell recycled papers ranging from copier paper to all sizes of envelopes. LGOS has identified three basic market segments: corporations in the area that have a 10 percent growth rate and 9500 potential customers; 2) governmental agencies with an 11 percent growth rate and 4600 potential customers, and, 3) Assorted clientele with a 7 percent growth rate and 65000 potential customers. LGOS is aware of the tremendous competition from the Big Box Office suppliers like Staples, Office Max and Office Depot. To differentiate from these organizations, LGOS will have a dedicated sales person visit the office customers, and offer an unprecedented level of customer attention, attempting to do office inventory (if allowed) and order materials per contract so that the office personnel rarely need be concerned about the issue. The company will focus on long-term customer relationships at competitive prices, but also believes that people will pay a bit more for environmentally friendly, recycled and sustainable

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