A Case Study of Ice-Fili

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Summary The paper provides analysis of Ice-Fili, and the paper reveals that Ice-Fili is one of the important ice cream producers in Russia. However, the entrant of foreign ice cream producers such as Nestle has made Ice-Fili to face stiff competitions within the industry. Porter five analysis reveals that Ice-Fili has not been able to compete effectively with foreign companies because the company still relies on imported equipment and technology and traditional method of production, which lead to high cost of production. Ice-Fili needs to invest in the innovative method of production and use efficient distribution system to cut costs. The company also needs to use supermarkets and wholesale companies to enhance its distribution system. The strategy will assist Ice-Fili to expand its market opportunities in Russia. Introduction Ice-Fili is a famous and one of the oldest ice-cream producers in Russia. Ice-Fili produces ice cream generally loved by consumers because its products contain 15% milk fat, compared to 10% found in the western ice cream. Ice-Fili traditional method of production adds to the unique flavor of its product. Typically, the company produces ice cream with natural ingredients with no preservatives making million of foreigners to consider Russian ice cream to be best in the world. In 2002, Ice-Fili engaged in an aggressive unique product offering, and the company offered up to 170 different kind of ice-cream products, and the company adds other

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