A Case Study of Quality Wireless

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Quality Wireless Case Study Jackson, the managing director of a call center for Quality Wireless, has taken the correct approach to systematically fine tuning the systems by which he monitors the performance metrics of the call center by collecting statistical data about the employees' performance. However the work he has done is only a beginning. Jackson does not yet fully understand the root causes in the variability in wait time or the issues that influence the variables. Therefore, though he has made a great start to refining the performance metrics, more work will need to be done to understand why there is variability. Blaming the employee's productivity by instinct and without proper justification is an error in judgment. There are several possible factors that may be responsible for the variability in the customer wait times. One obvious possible example would have to include fluctuating call volumes. Managing fluctuating call volume patterns is an ongoing challenge for any call center and figuring out the right mix of staff requirements without incurring unneeded expenses is both an art and a science (Costello, 2000). Not only should Jackson look to collect data about the average wait time that clients experience but he should also collect data about call volumes. Having this data would help him to analyze data in regards to fluctuations in call volume. Given a long enough time period in which data is collected it is likely that he may find fluctuating and
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