A Case Study of T.C.: Asperger's Syndrome Essay

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Case History: T.C. is a 13 year old, 2 month old girl in the seventh grade. T.C. lives with her parents and she is the oldest of three children. T.C.’s prenatal and birth history was unremarkable. T.C. was normal developing until 18 months old. By 18 months old it was apparent that T.C. was delayed in speech. In addition, she walked on her toes, did not make eye contact with others, had a terrible fear of loud sounds, cried frequently, and was a poor sleeper. She was evaluated before her second birthday and was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome or related pervasion developmental disorders and has profound difficulty with social interaction. She has received speech therapy, with an emphasis on social skills training, intense therapeutic…show more content…
82), and it is important to use a happy tone of voice. After role playing with her SLP with different types of voice tones, T.C. practiced reading a passage slowly using proper intonation, stretching and pausing. After reading smoothly, T.C. was asked to state the most important detail using the proper intonation and facial expression when responding. Corrective feedback was used to correct the student when she did not use the appropriate tone and intonation when reading the passage. In addition, the SLP modeled and had T.C. communicate different messages using the appropriate volume for suitable situations. For example, T.C. was asked to speak in the appropriate tone when there is no one else speaking (quiet voice), i.e. a quiet classroom; to speak in the appropriate tone where there are others talking (louder voice), i.e. in the schoolyard during recess; and when you are standing right next to a listener (quiet voice), i.e. when speaking to one friend. The SLP and T.C. role played standing far away from one another to demonstrate using the appropriate tone. T.C. was verbally praised when she demonstrated the tone of voice to keep her motivated. Session #2: The SLP went over different scenarios with T.C. when retelling a story with salient details and suggested activities when calling a friend on the telephone. In one scenario, the SLP and T.C. role played was calling a friend to make plans that day. The SLP was the friend and T.C. was herself. It

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