A Case Study of the Marketing Strategies of Aldus Corporation

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Introduction In this short paper, this author will look at the Aldus Corporation and the company's marketing manager, Richard Strong. Despite the riskiness of the proposal, he correctly identified some foreseeable problems that required a shift in the company's market positioning strategy. In this short essay, we will examine this positioning strategy in detail as well as the other marketing issues at Aldus. As well will see in this study, while the plan was necessary due to the upcoming saturation of the existing market for professionals, the situation on the ground in the company was not geared favorably in a structural manner to facilitate the proposed transition. Had more knowledge been available of this, modifications to the plan could have made the transition much smoother. Luckily enough, Apple came to the rescue for Aldus in pairing up on some of the responsibility for helping with the market repositioning. Positioning Strategy at Aldus Marketing is very dynamic and strong leaders must realize that as consumer tastes and buying habits are unique and change constantly on an ongoing basis. Richard Strong realized this and proposed to separate Aldus' PageMaker into two major divisions to reflect the graphics professional and business users needs in this change. The new features would be made available in each of the product lines and would then depend upon the needs of the latter that were identified for each of the market segments. A graphics professional

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