A Case Study on Hammond Hospital

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Hammond General Hospital is a 334 bed general hospital located in a Mid-western town of 45000 and serves a countrywide population of approximately 140,000. Recently the board of directors at Hammond awarder the management contract of the Food Service Department to an outside company, Master Host Company. Master Host appointed Dave Smith as director of food service. It must be noted that this is the first time in the hospitals history that someone outside the hospital has been appointed as director of a department.

The Problem:

Hammond General Hospital, especially the food service department wasn’t the best example for management, in fact there is none. There is no organizational hierarchy, a viable job-structure but
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There had been no new systems or improvement in the management philosophy. So, it was not up to date and was unable to cope with the problems of the modern age.

➢ Top level Managers resorting to Mcgregors Theory X: Top-level officials at Hammond General Hospital resorted to Mcgregors Theory X when it came to deducting organizational behavior. According to them the workers at the food service department lack motivation and dislike their work., so they do not do their jobs properly.

➢ Managerial faults: As the supervisors were indecisive in nature, they couldn’t take right decisions at the right time. So, they could not manage people and did not. As a result, people working under them did not know what they were supposed to do and they did whatever they wanted. This created chaos in the hospital-atmosphere.

➢ No performance assessment: Performance evaluation had not been taken seriously for several years. As a result, the staffs didn’t know whether they were functioning properly or not. So, the mistakes were being done repeatedly.

➢ Lack of Monitoring: A lack of monitoring of the work that goes around in the food service department has had a profound effect on the workers mind and their work.

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