A Case Study on Hudson Fabricators, Inc.

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I. Background Information Hudson Fabricators, Inc. is a small fabrication firm which was founded in 1976. It produces various items such as hoppers, light building steel, conveyors, supports, frames, and platforms for a lot of major companies mostly around central Ohio, and even to different parts across the globe. Hudson Fabricators, Inc. has around 12 to a maximum of 40 full-time employees, depending with production. The company operates in a job-shop environment. Some of their clients are: Marzetti Foods, Rockwell Internations, and Anheuser-Busch. II. Summary of Finding Hudson Fabricators, Inc. only uses materials certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), and ASME has requirements Hudson needs to…show more content…
Josh was given this job in order to help the company grow however he is still new and for the group, he still needs more time and experience in order to fully analyze and understand day-to-day operations of the business so that the implementation plan will be concrete and will slowly help bring up the company. The first alternative for Josh is after the analysis, he must form a department that must look up for key suppliers that would constantly provide them with the necessary materials they require in doing and finishing their jobs. The other alternative is to change the current system in which the company should keep an inventory of finished goods or an inventory of materials. The company may have different sets of clients however the orders that come by in case of some defects, the company may immediately replace and fix those which is necessary to be fixed. And keeping a stock of materials may save them lead time from ordering and can save them money through bulk purchasing. V. Detailed Recommendations After a complete analysis of the current system, Josh should be able to deeply understand the operations of the company, he should have been able to determine what constricts the company from earning more and spending less. Josh must look up for suppliers who intend to provide them materials in a long term basis and to provide these materials on time and in proper condition. This

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