A Case Study on Low Self Esteem

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People with "bad" looks feel inferior when compared to other people with "good" looks. The feeling of inferiority is, to a certain extent, developed based on social standards of what are "good" or "bad" looks. But again, parents' opinions are important as they can make or break a child's self confidence as they grew up.
* Negative Experience: Some causes of low self esteem are due to negative experience and external circumstances. While children tend to absorb the negativity around the experience, adults also take in the negativity that can hurt a person's self esteem.
* Child Abuse: Many people with low self esteem have a common history of either physical or mental abuse during their childhood. Both cases can be cured by taking a deeper approach and clearing the subconscious mind of the damage.

Characteristics of People with Low Self Esteem 1. Social withdrawal 2. Anxiety and emotional turmoil 3. Lack of social skills and self confidence. Depression and/or bouts of sadness 4. Less social conformity 5. Eating disorders 6. Inability to accept compliments 7. An Inability to see oneself objectively 8. Giving more importance to the negative aspects of a situation 9. Exaggerated concern over what other people think 10. Self neglect 11. Treating oneself badly but not other people 12. Worrying whether one has treated others badly 13. Reluctance to take on
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