A Case Study on Organizational Behavior

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A Case Study in Organisational Behaviour A Case Study in Organisational Behaviour Introduction The paper describes a hypothetical, professional situation that professionals in organisational behaviour may face fairly often. I have been hired as a management consultant for A & E Yachts, which is run by David Hammond. There are sixty employees and the former head of the company, Arthur Hammond is another person to whom the consultation will extend. These people are my base community and culture for the consultation. The paper will offer descriptions and analyses of relevant theories in areas such as management, organisational behaviour, business, personality, and psychology. Theories and ideas from a variety of disciplines reflect a modern and interdisclipinary approach to problem solving, decision making, training, professional relationships, and perspective regarding 21st century international business practices. The consultation will conclude reference and potential application or moderation of the X and Y theories; the adoption of relevant management theories and use of psychometric tests; as well as considerations regarding the impacts of re-training employees. Early reactions to this situation that inform my consultation in this situation are that no one in the company has really felt or understood the full impact of the transition in leadership. The company is moving toward celebrating its sixtieth year in business. There has been a great deal of economic,
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