A Case Study on Poor Employee Relations

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A case study on Poor Employee Relations and its Effect on Customer Demand Summary of the case This case study follows a Tool Manufacturer where an in-depth organizational analysis was conducted comprising of qualitative interviews with senior management. Hence, process mapping was conducted to detail the main activities of the organization. The process mapping demonstrated how the customer and the organization interacted. The customer would initially approach the Tool Manufacturer through associated marketing or more typically on the basis of previous work completed. On the basis of customer requirements a preliminary drawing of the tool would be drafted and sent to the customer. The customer would then accept the draft drawing,…show more content…
The managers must be trained enough to tackle the employee problems without humiliating any one party and taking a fair decision to solve the issue. They should also hold regular meetings to keep track of where they are standing in their task of delivering their products. This way the management in the company will be in a better position to take a decision as to how the alignment of the work should be done. Also, being aware of the activities held, on a regular basis will help them to successfully meet peak periods of customer demands. Coming back to Job satisfaction, as most of us know, it is the extent to which an individual is content with his/ her job. The happier they are, the more productive they are. Also closely linked is employee motivation. Research and observations show that motivated employees are more productive and creative. The inverse also holds true. Therefore, to overcome this primary problem, the management should conduct surveys or questionnaires to find out the job satisfaction levels. Depending on the responses, they should then focus on job design, job rotation, job enrichment and so on to meet the employee needs. They should focus on motivating the employees by rewarding them appropriately. Only once the working force of the organization is content and motivated, can they be geared up to fulfill their ultimate aim- i.e. meeting customer needs. In this case, we see success of the business is entirely based on meeting
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