A Case Study on the Dependence of BP's IT Organization

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1. The case mentions the dependence of BP’s IT organization on external contractors. Why would this be an issue? When is it a good idea for IT departments to hire contractors, and when is it not? Discuss some scenarios. a. BP having too many contractors working in their IT department can cause many issues in the present and the future. With having over 2000 contractors BP runs into the issue that they have less control over those workers. Contractors come and go often which can cause errors to happen as one person leaves and another person comes in. A company wants a strong IT department to support their needs. Hiring permanent staff is a good way to ensue your IT department stays strong. b. It is good to hire IT contractors when you need a specific project to be completed and need their expertise to meet the deadline. It is not in the interest of a company to hire a contractor to be in charge of their whole IT program. Since contractors can come and go. c. Examples: i. Installing a complete new system on all company computers – A company would be okay hiring a contractor for this position depending on the time frame of the project. BP being a large company an overhaul like this could take a few weeks to months. ii. IT Manager- Companies would not want to hire any contractor as a manager. Since contractors are usually hired with a deadline in mind. A company would not want a manager to start looking because they think they may be let go due to their contract expiring. When

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