A Case Study on the Use of Cost-Plus Pricing

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A CASE STUDY ON THE USE OF COST-PLUS PRICING ABSTRACT In the business world of economic manufacturing and production, there are actually several ways and approaches for one business entity to recover their production expenses and realize profit. In this aspect, the production output is primarily the key factor in the profit generation of the business as their output serves as their revenue. In the accounting perspective, generation of revenue through using the invested resources of the business will also require additional value which is identified through regarding it as the expense. This expense cost must indeed be recovered through the financial value of the product at the same time incurring profit for the business…show more content…
10 1.3.2 Company History 11 1.3.3 Organization Structure 12 1.3.4 Partnerships 13 1.3.5 Products 14 1.3.6 Comments from the Chairman of the Board 15 Chapter 2 Research Problem and Methodology 17 2.1 Research Problem 17 2.2 Methodology 17 Chapter 3 Literature Review 18 3.1 Introduction to Literature Review 18 3.2 Cost-Plus Pricing Literature Review 18 3.3 Target-Costing Literature Review 22 Chapter 4 Data Analysis and Findings 28 4.1 Financial Ratio
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