A Case Witness For Battered Woman Syndrome

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Over the course of this semester we have studied many different subjects of criminal law. I found that our studies on assault, battery, and other crimes against the person to be the most interesting. To me this subject was the most compelling because I was unaware of many of the requirements that constitutes assault, battery, kidnapping, etc. I also found it interesting because this particular subject was relevant and useful for Business Law, a class I am enrolled in at my high school. In Business Law, we were to participate in a mock trial of a woman who claimed to shoot her husband because of Battered Woman Syndrome. I was the expert witness for Battered Woman Syndrome in this trial. This class and the subject discussed Battered Woman Syndrome, which lead me to be an educated on this topic. Between studying this subject and taking part in the mock trial I have gained an interest for these particular crimes and, especially, Battered Woman Syndrome. I have learned a significant amount of information about this subject and the related crimes. First off, I learned that crimes against the person include assault, battery, genital mutilation, sports injuries that exceeds the rules of the game, physical contact without consent, menacing, mayhem, malicious disfigurement, child abuse, child neglect, hate crimes, kidnapping, hostage taking, false imprisonment, child snatching, family violence, violence at the workplace, and road rage. I learned that a battery cannot be committed
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