A Case for Olympic Games

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Olympic Games and World Unity

The Olympic Games is considered as the biggest sporting event across the globe that attracts a huge number of participants and viewed by billions of people across the globe. The games not only generate a great deal of enthusiasm worldwide but it also creates a platform for people from various cultures and nationalities to interact. The modern Olympic Games were founded in 1896 with high expectations that they may assist in uniting countries of the world in understanding and peace. These expectations have formed the basis of the notion that the Olympic Games are still the best platform or opportunity for the entire world to be united as one. However, the realization of these expectations has been hindered by the international politics that have relatively never been distanced from the surface. There are various Olympic Games that have been held in different cities across the globe that have generated much politics rather than excitement associated with the games themselves. Despite of the seeming inability to keep the international politics from the surface of these games, they still provide the best opportunity for the unity of the entire world.
The Case for Olympic Games: As previously mentioned, modern Olympic Games with a history that stretches back to 1896 were initiated with a view and high hopes of uniting the countries of the world (Norton, 2008, p. 730). The expectations were mainly driven by that fact that the world was
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