A Case for Shared Parenting

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Approximately half of all kids my age had divorced parents and it generally wasn't considered strange or a big deal. From this pool of "divorced kids" whose parents had divorced for a variety of reasons, there was one thing they all had in common, as far as I knew, the majority of custody had been granted to the mothers in nearly all of the situations. This has generally been the case for a long time: "According to some estimates, only about 10 percent to 15 percent of divorced or single fathers have sole custody of their children. The remaining fathers have either joint custody or no custody of their children" (attorneys.com, 2012). Reasons abound for why women often overwhelmingly win over the majority of custody cases; the pinnacle reason for why this phenomenon has prevailed is because this is how it has always been as a result of traditional gender roles (attorneys.com, 2012). In the past, men worked and women stayed home, looking after the children; there also continues to be a partiality towards women when it comes to raising children: "From a biological perspective, we are more inclined to think of the mother-child relationship than the father-child relationship. Many people make the automatic assumption that women are more nurturing as parents than men" (attorneys.com, 2012). Many people still think that this is the way that things…

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