A Case for Viktor Frankenstein's Innocence

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Victor Frankenstein is innocent. There is no doubt in my mind that Victor Frankenstein is innocent for the murder of Justine, Elizabeth, and William. They were in fact killed by a man named, “The Creature.” He in fact killed the two of them to get revenge on the man who created him. The Creature was angry that everyone thought that he was ugly, and hated to be around him. It all started when Dr. Henry Clerval told Victor Frankenstein not to make the Creature because he would be one that destroys everything. Victor then got Dr. Clerval’s Journal after he had died, and he started to make the Creature. Once the Creature was all assembles and born he was brought to life by Frankenstein. Frankenstein was then afraid of his own creation and fled…show more content…
Justine then admits that she convicted the crime hoping she would be fine. Her telling the truth did not work, she was grabbed by men and dragged up the podium where people were hung. Victor tried to catch up to them and take her before they got here up there, but it didn’t work. Justine was thrown of the building with the rope around her neck, she was killed instantly.
Victor sees the Creature who tells him to meet him up in the mountains. Victor then sets out on the journey to the glacier. He gets on a really high glacier where he is attacks by the Creature. He was pushed off the edge into a tunnel that led to an underground cavern. The Creature tells Frankenstein that if he does not make him a women like him, he will kill again. So Frankenstein debated and decided to make another, but his fiancé Elizabeth was going to leave him if he does, so Victor decided not to make another Creature. So after Victor’s wedding, him and Elizabeth went up to their room and had some adult time. Then someone had spotted the creature so Victor Frankenstein went out to the front of the house to where the Creature was seen. Then Victor notices that the window to their bedroom was open, so Victor ran up to the room where he knew the creature was with his wife. The door was locked, once they got the door unlocked they saw the creature quickly rip Elizabeth’s heart out and she fell on the floor and her hair caught on fire. Victor very quickly

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