A Case study on the role of Internet Intermediates in Internet Freedom of Expression

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Introduction Internet intermediaries refer to numbers of social platforms help in the information transmission process of Internet (OECD, 2011). It is indubitable that Internet intermediaries play an essential role in the free flow of information vie Internet, because those platforms enables users to access, share and create information which implicate the right of freedom of expression. Under the economic motivations, policy principles for Internet intermediary platforms are not just take account of expression of freedom on the Internet, which also be influenced by related laws and local police. In general, Internet intermediary platforms appropriate uses’ involvement and collaboration, but they also tend to fully control the products generated by users (David, 2014). Thus, Internet intermediary platforms are facing the dilemma between the protection free expression and the control free expression of Internet. As a branch of Internet intermediary, the dilemma between promote and hindering expression of freedom exist in User-Generated Content (UGC) website. On the on hand, the growing and expanding of UGC website is contributed by users’ involvement, they must applaud for freedom expression; on the other hand, in order to fitting into laws and political polices for maximizing profits, they also control the free flow of expression by using technological and social protocols (Organisiciak et al.,2010). From one point of view, the control of technological and social protocols

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