A Catastrophe of Pandemic Proportions Essay

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A Catastrophe of Pandemic Proportions

A Catastrophe of Pandemic Proportions
It is the year 2018. The future that once looked bright is now filled with devastation. Two years ago a small pox epidemic swept through the United States in the worst act of terrorism we have ever seen. Due to the belief small pox was gone for good, children were no longer vaccinated. If only we knew the enemy was manufacturing this virus as a lethal weapon to be unleashed in the United States. I do not think even the enemy had any idea of the magnitude of death and destruction such a simple virus could cause. The first wave killed 40% of the eastern coast. As it swept across our nation, the main toll was children’s lives. Many who survived were
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This is dangerous since a misdiagnosis is highly likely and the patient will be sent home with no help and no alerts sent to the health department. Unfortunately, the person carrying small pox is already contagious and spreading the virus through an entire community and beyond.
If something like the previously described event were to happen, the results could be very similar. The problem lies in the fact that the people do not know what to do in case of a bioterrorist attack. In the past, things have been kept secret and the public has been unable to get a grasp on what our role is in such an event. The American society rarely hears about biological threats on our nation and is not included on training in case such events. This is the very reason why we are in a vulnerable spot and I fear we the people would be helpless. The other reality is, because our lack of knowledge, the people could also make the situation worse. All it takes is for a person to panic and flee. The can spread a virus like wildfire. Due to a long incubation period, a citizen could in theory affect a large majority of people before systems are shown. Something we do not normally think about is the possibility of the majority of our police officers and hospital staff being infected in the initial wave of sickness. These are the people who are most vulnerable due to the interactions with the community. With

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