A Causal Comparative Research Design

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A causal-comparative research design is used. In this type of design cause-effect relationships among variables are studied. The independent variable identified but not manipulated will be the number of graduate students from the educational institution being studied. Meanwhile, the dependent variable is represented by the quality of the school and its programs. The groups of individuals identified in this study are pre-existing ones or naturally formed. Therefore, no random selection has taken place. This means that in this case, those individuals assessed are selected based on their current educational status being new enrollees to a program or about to be graduates of that particular educational institution. 25 new enrollees to Miami Dade College are studied as well as 25 students in their last semester, in order to identify if there is a relationship between the number of programs offered and the number of students successfully completing a degree. The importance of using a causal-comparative research approach is to analyze cause and effect that have already taken place after the fact. The data interpreted is carefully studied but not be manipulated, modified or used to provide a solution to a potential problem.

12. Instrumentation - Dependent Measure(s)

The survey given consisted on four major categories to be evaluated. Each of those categories rated students’ agreement over a particular item. Students were asked to rate their college experience, quality of the…

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