A Causal Link Between The Presences Of Sports And A Postsecondary School Affect The Number Of Male Students

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The goal of this paper is to be able to establish a causal link between the presences of sports in a postsecondary school affect the number of male students attending these schools. The reason we would want to answer this question is should we incorporate sports more in schools to increase male attendance and level out the gap between male and female enrollment. State Universities that are wanting to become established and increase their male enrollment, as well as their presence in the athletic arena will have a great interest in this correlation. The answer to this question is interesting and valuable from an Economics point of view is to influence postsecondary school’s to help make the decision if they should incorporate sports teams…show more content…
With the presence of sports this could create a positive effect on the number of men enrolled in these schools. Other factors that affect the number of enrolled men are the different kinds of sports. For instance, Football may increase the number of enrolled men. But soccer will decrease the number of men enrolled.
When researching papers that could help determining if there is a casual link between sports in postsecondary schools and male attendance, the only thing that was found of interest was that “High school athletic participation was significantly related to educational progress among suburban and rural white males.” (Sabo, pg. 50) Since it seems that there is some data and research suggesting that male students who participated in sports during their high school careers went on to college and had success. One could argue that since these students had participated in sports during their high school career and went on to succeed in college, there would be an increase in male students when more sports or present. It is logical to think that if a male student is highly interested in sports and even participates in the sport, that they would prefer to attend a school that has sports. This is the only article that I could find that had a discussion between male college attendance and sport. I feel that I am contributing to the research, instead of looking at student’s
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