A Caveat to the Pursuit of Knowledge

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Have you ever wondered why a friend appears to be mad at you? Wouldn’t it be incredible if you had a foolproof way of finding out without having to ask? On the other hand, what if your method of magically unearthing the reason behind his or her anger also led you to the discovery that this “friend” does not, in fact, even like you at all? This kind of situation, where determining a solution may have the unintended side-effect of revealing undesirable knowledge, may occur in scientific pursuits. By its very nature, scientific exploration generates questions, but that does not mean that all of them can or should be answered. There exists a fine line between moral scientific pursuit and immoral scientific pursuit. Given that immoral…show more content…
Frankenstein feels obligated to rid the world of his creation because, “when [he] reflected on [the monster’s] crimes, [Frankenstein’s] hatred and revenge burst all bounds of moderation” (87). Unfortunately, Frankenstein has created a problem that he cannot fix because the monster’s strength makes it a challenge to kill. Despite his “hatred and revenge,” Frankenstein can only hope to rid the world of the monster. The monster considers Frankenstein his enemy because Frankenstein doomed him to be a social pariah because of his appearance. The monster reveals this enmity when he kills William for “[William belongs] to [the monster’s] enemy, [so William] shall be [the monster’s] first victim” (144). Society will not accept the monster, so the monster takes out his unhappiness by attacking Frankenstein by proxy of William. Despite Frankenstein’s desire to create a “perfect” being, he creates a monster. The monster immediately becomes a social outcast, leading to Frankenstein, as a creator, forever feeling responsible for the monster’s crimes. Both the monster and Frankenstein have problems that cannot be remedied. Frankenstein created the monster, feels immense hatred toward it, and tries to destroy it. The monster’s appearance makes him equivalent to a leper in the society that does not want him. Thus, it seems fitting that the monster takes his anger out on both society and on his creator,
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