A Cell: The Many Parts Of A Cell

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A cell has many parts to it. Whether it is the ribosomes or the lysosomes, each of them has a certain job and reason why they are in a cell. Without the different parts of each cell it could not survive. Sometimes a cell can be referred to a house. In many ways it is. A house has certain parts that play major jobs in our daily lives. If one thing went wrong with a part of our house then it would mess up the other parts. In fact many parts of a house are like some parts of a cell. For instance some of the cell organelles like the cell membrane, cytoplasm, mitochondria, ribosomes, vacuoles, cell wall, endoplasmic reticulum, nuclear membrane, and lysosome.
For instance the cell membrane is like the doors and windows in your house. A cell membrane protects and organizes cells. It also lets only certain things that it wants in. This relates to the doors in your house because you only let certain people and things into your house. An example would be the doors in your house keeps out the intruders and people that you do not want in your house, but your doors can also let you, your family, and friends in. The same idea again goes for your windows. Your windows keep out the birds, squirrels, and annoying little boys who always want to go into your house even if you tell them no. Imagine if you did not have any doors or windows. A lot of
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The cell wall is what help keeps the cell’s shape. A cell wall though is only found in plant cells though. I ended up deciding to use the four main walls of my house for the cell walls. The reason why was because without these four walls then I would not have a house to live in. The walls in my house also helps to support my roof and my top floor. Just imagine for a moment that none of the houses or apartments had walls. We really would not even have a real home to live in at all. Just like the walls in our house the same walls in a plant cell is critical to the plant cell
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