A Centralized Data Processing Model For Meet Business Operational Requirements

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Carlson Companies
Darryl E. Gennie
Dr. Matthew Anyanwu
CIS 505
21 February 2016
Strayer University

Carlson Shared Services (CSS) uses a centralized data processing model to meet business operational requirements. The central computing environment includes an IBM mainframe, over 50 networked servers from Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems. In this centralized data processing unit all the servers and the mainframe had their separate disc storage. This dispersed data storage scheme had the advantage of responsiveness; that is, the access time from the server to its data was minimal. However, the data management cost was very high. There had to be backup procedures for the storage on each server, as well as management controls to reconcile data distributed throughout the system. RapidInsight framework enable organizations to integrate real-time, streaming data, to gain real-time actionable insights, integrate and harmonize data from social media sites, public datasets, and industry reports with data from enterprise systems (Fulton, 2015). The RapidInsight framework gives analyst the ability to analyze data in real-time to respond quickly situations in which businesses tend to encounter. A thorough look at the entire business operation, which includes, combining data from external and internal data sets, reduces time to market for implementing real time data to insight. A factory set up is in place to reduce the time and cost involved with…
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