A Chance to Sea Life

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During my senior year at Baldwin High School, while sitting in my Environmental Studies class, I learned of my passion for the great outdoors. Whether it was plants, animals, sea life, or the topic of discussion being taught, it never failed to spark my interest. Reflecting back, my Environmental Studies class played a vital role in allowing me to overcome my fear of the ocean. My decision to participate on a field trip which required us to explore the coral reef up close was a difficult one, and in retrospect, it was the right choice because it changed me; it helped me to think differently about my capabilities, become more courageous, and made me feel like I achieved the impossible. Mr. Gard, my Environmental Studies teacher,…show more content…
He grabbed my hand as we got to the edge of the boat and said, “Are you ready?” I took a deep breath as I felt the awkward fins clinging onto the skin of my feet and nodded, “yes,” as I exhaled, “I’m ready.” I didn’t allow myself to think about anything at that moment. I just focused on my breathing, which seemed to be amplified in sound, as we slipped into the ocean’s cold abyss. I remember telling myself, “I can’t believe this is happening! This can’t be real!” Hearing the sound of the sea water rippling past my ear, as Chad and I approached Coral Garden, confirmed how very real it was. In the distance, I saw a spectrum of soft, inviting, colors of the secluded coral reef. Hues of peach, yellow, and rosewood coral looked like little castles built upon the sand in all shapes and sizes scattered throughout the ocean’s floor. As we got closer, I saw various schools of colored herbivore fishes greet one another as they fed among an antler coral, and the warm embracing rays of the sun tickled my body as I moved across the water, slightly beneath the surface of the calming ocean. At that moment, I felt incredibly free, and all of my fears of the ocean seemed to vanish as if they didn’t even exist. I detached myself from Chad after a while and ventured out on my own, but I always kept my eye out for him to make sure he was close by. It didn’t take long before I heard the air horn blow, which meant it was time to head back to the
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