A Change In Edgar Allan Poe's Life

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Many go throughout life experiencing things like loneliness, heartache, and hardship. In the case of Edgar Allan Poe, the was a reoccurring theme from the beginning to the end of his life. Though several may only know Poe by his unique poetry, short stories, books and even essays others miss out on his interesting life experiences. Poe was put through many things that made him struggle but without these rough experiences we may not have the famous literature he has provided for us. Edgar Allan Poe was and still is one of the most memorable poets from the American Romantic Movement despite the hardships and struggles he endured throughout his life. Growing up Poe was not given an easy start to life, he was born January 19, 1809. Within three years of Poe’s life both his parents passed away leaving him to be taken in by…show more content…
While he did well in his studies, Poe was in debt and had to leave due to lack of funds. He returned again to Richmond where he found out that his fiancee, at the time, Elmira Royster had become engaged to another man. Heartbroken, Poe left to become the mansion to become a poet and later accomplishes his goal of publishing his first book. Around the same time Poe published his first book he enlisted in the United States army, but later was informed his mother was dying of tuberculosis and had to return to Richmond before she passed away. Unfortunately, his mother, Frances Allan, died and had been burned before he could return. Despite the death of Poe’s adoptive mother, his father married not long after her death and did not bother to mention nor invite Poe to the wedding ( This inspired Poe to write all the wrongdoings Allan, his adoptive father, had committed towards him. During this time, Poe attended a US Military Academy which he was thrown out of only eight months in, this did not stop Poe from publishing more
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