A Change Modification Within The Business Development Department At Global Payments

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In the business world today, the need to evolve your organization is not just a want but a necessity. Competition, the economy, and changes in technology are a few of the factors that cause the need for change. There is a constant change in society that creates finding effective ways for dealing with change difficult at times. The purpose of this proposal is to acquire the approval to initiate, plan, establish and perform a change modification within the business development department at Global Payments. The change will increase the overall training for the employees in the business development department. I have worked for this company for fifteen years in several different roles and positions. Global Payments is an international credit…show more content…
Our goal is to raise all levels of success in order to satisfy the organization and upper management. We must show an improvement in sales. The manager and team proposal consists of increasing employee training within the business development department. This training will ensure that employees in sales are acknowledging and understanding of the services, products and pricing available to our customers. Within the change modification each employee will attend the proposed mandatory training courses. The second step of this change is to include a new reward system to motivate the team to sell more. That will be based off of attendance, participation, and meeting their quota. The purpose of this program is to motivate and encourage employees so that they can then create motivated, loyal customers that are willing to buy more products and services. In making a change there are factors that need to be considered such as preparing the employees for the change by interacting with them, ensuring that employees are ready to accept the change and making resources available for employee training, establishing a level of devotion needed, and what the requirements are for each employee to be successful. Managers will meet with employees to advise what the purpose of the change is. Feedback from the employees will be

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