A Change Process Implementation Of Radiology Department Of Health Care Organisations

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A Change Process - Implementing PACS in Radiology Department of Health Care Organisations Organisational theory describes organisations as adapting to environmental and operational conditions or impediments by the deliberate introduction of structural, process and/or output change (Oxtoby et al, 2002; Kuhn & Corman, 2003). For organisations to remain competitive, they often make changes such as structural reorganisation or the implementation of new technology (Vakola et al, 2004). This also applies in the field of diagnostic and therapeutic imaging where due in part to technological advances, diagnostic and interventional radiology (like any area of health care practice), has been undergoing rapid changes over the past few years. This includes globalisation of healthcare and increasing convergence of radiology and clinical medicine. Others are changes in workplace environments and organisational structures, due part as a response to external environmental changes. Still more are the increasing need for health care organisations to demonstrate profitability and efficiency in day-to-day operations (Elm, 2012; Farhadi & Ahmadi, 2013). These changes are continuously evolving, a situation that makes it important for radiologists and other healthcare professionals to provide strong leadership to manage these changing condition effectively (Lau, 2007). The implementation of digital radiology systems has developed in response to these external and internal environmental changes in
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