Essay on A Change in the Way You Deal with Other People

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A change in the way you deal with other people

I have learned the only way to deal with other people is to change what’s within yourself first. A true saying, “You can try but you can’t change others”. The one way to approach the issue is to change how you act and view other people. By doing this, everything else will fall in place.
With our attitude or what make us become so aggressive with a person, depends on what they have done, the way the person approach you, how they even looked at you, or their voice. All these things can drive the other party to reaction.
Be clear with the next person on how much you can take. Informed them of your space you need, or you could easily get pushed over by others. You could find
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Never take the situations personally. I had a friend, whom at first, I took her reaction personal. Over a period of years, I began to realize it wasn’t me, but her behavior was common around other individuals.
Observing could be a way to view if the person acts or do certain things around other people. Finding this out, you could engage the individual in a third party conversation, take the silence seat, and observe the conversation. By doing this, you would get an idea on how the other person handle the conversation of the person.
The act of kindness can take a person a long way. Being supportive for them can change the way of their behavior. One day it could be a bright light that make them realize on how they’ve been handling situations.
Last but not least, help them. It can be that the person is crying out for help. You don’t want them to feel dependable on you, but help them to get through. Which will result in them analyzing the issue and finding a solution.


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