A Changing Landscape Essay

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A Changing Landscape Introduction As a lobbyist for home health care service providers, you know that the last few years have been full of changes. With the landmark passage in 2010 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly called the ACA, American healthcare changed in ways that can hardly be overstated. As a single piece of legislation, the ACA brought together a whole host of reforms intended to do two simultaneous, and sometimes conflicting, things. On the one hand, the ACA sought to see that more Americans had access to health insurance, with the ultimate goal of insuring all Americans. It also sought to lower the cost of healthcare, a seemingly daunting task, given the greater number of healthcare services required by the newly insured. To accomplish its ends, the ACA prohibited insurers from denying applicants based on preexisting conditions — something commonly called the “guaranteed issue” provision — and it required all people to have health insurance of some passable standard, which is famously known as the “individual mandate.” Additionally, the ACA set up exchanges whereby individuals could comparison shop for health insurance plans in their states. These were certainly the most famous aspects of the ACA, but that is only because they are the aspects that relate to the consumer-facing side of healthcare. As you well know from your work as home health care providers, there were less well known but just as monumental changes in the way
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