A Chapter Of Chapter 1 : Chapter 1

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“They’re closing in…” . Aldrick mutters as he slips the bullet into the cylinder, he always knew this day would come, but the fact they choose to strike the household at it weakest moment infuriates him. It only take two days for the news to spread, and they come like vultures seeking carrion. He took a deep breath and set the last 5 bullets into the chamber, years of serving the military had taught him not to lose his temper in situation like this. A shuffling noise caught his attention, he look up to find the young master, staring solemnly out the window. With a flick of his wrist, the cylinder sets back into the revolver. He tuck the revolver away in his coat pocket and stood up from the coffee table, he stroll toward the young…show more content…
At the bottom of the crest the family motto is engrave. “Always Forward.” Aldrick thought fondly of the meaning behind that quote, the Von Ravin’s we’re always survivors of tragedies, and now the young master will survive one as well. He gently place the eyepatch over Claude’s right eye and secure it in place. “My young master… No, my dearest Claude. Do you still remember the oath I’ve sworn to you? I’ve told you that I, Lieutenant Aldrick Wield, will protect his master, Claude Von Ravin, with his life. Now I must fulfill that oath...” Claude’s heart sank, he grabs hold of Aldrick’s arms as if his life depends on it. He meets Aldrick’s eyes with a desperate gaze, his lips quiver and his body trembles. Claude knows that Aldrick is saying his goodbyes. “Aldrick… you can’t do this. I’ll never forgive you, if you leave me behind!” Claude yells furiously, trying to suppress his sorrow. Aldrick gently pry Claude’s hands off and grips it. He look down with a heavy sigh and trace the bandages on Claude’s left arm. He tries to think of ways to comfort the young master, he truly sympathise with all the predicament he had gone through, not only because he’s the loyal servant, but because he understand the pain very well. After all he had lost everything in his childhood as well. It was cruel and unforgiving time to be a simple country boy, one day you're running in the wheat fields full of joy, the next thing you know you’re kneeling in the blood of your

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