A Character Study in Arthur Miller's The Crucible Essay

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A Character Study in Arthur Miller's The Crucible

I believe the Crucible to be a political statement expressed by Arthur Miller in 1953, during the American, 'hunt for communism'. His works, 'The Crucible', reflected this with 'the hunt for witches' in 1692. These two time periods clash, with their same fear that their particular 'way of life' was at a certain risk, if communism supporters and devil worshipers (i.e. witches) were not sought out and destroyed.

The two identical situations were allowed to get out of hand. Families waged war in the simplest way, by throwing accusations at one another, we wittiness a clear analogy of this in the play. Arthur Miller jeopardised a lot when he
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Elizabethknew of the sins that had been committed in her house and as Abigail worked for the Proctors, Elizabeth fired her. This information is later relied on in the trials. (Danforth: We are given to understand that at one time you dismissed your servant Abigail Williams.) Abigail is a scheming girl, who will do anything to get he claws back into John Proctor, even by bringing around the destruction of a whole town.

When John makes a trip into town to evaluate what is happening with Betty Paris (The reverends daughter) Abigail pounces claiming she is better for him than Goody Procter will ever be. ('Abigail: Oh, how I marvel how such a strong man may let such a sickly wife be..'). But John jumps to Elizabeth's defence, ('Proctor: You'll speak nothing of Elizabeth!'). So we are quickly showed that he cares for his wife and that Abigail was a mistake.

Abigail refuses to believe that he does not love her and continues her plan to claim him from Elizabeth. The only path that enables her to get him is to get rid of Goody Proctor, for this Elizabeth would have to die.

John Proctor at first believes all the claims of witchery, to be madness and refuses point blank to indulge in them. For example- Proctor: Can you speak one minute without we landing in hell again? I am sick of hell! He clearly expresses his feelings and opinion. He is a religious man, but
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