A Checklist Developed By Dr Bob Hare

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What is a psychopath? Psychopathy is usually defined as a personality disorder characterized by antisocial behaviour, lack of empathy and remorse and bold superficial behaviour. A checklist developed by Dr Bob Hare identifies the key traits of a psychopath which is used universally to identify psychopaths. The main features of psychopaths include: • Superficial charm • Grandiose sense of self worth • Pathological lying • Cunning/manipulative • Lack of remorse/guilt • Emotionally shallow • Callous/lack of empathy • Failure to accept responsibility for own actions • Lack of realistic long-term goals • Impulsivity Introduction Upon deciding what sentences to give to criminal psychopaths, we must consider multiple factors. Firstly I will discuss the issues with the classification and diagnosis of psychopathy, the importance being that if the wrong diagnosis is given it could cause a problem with criminal judgements. The management and treatment of psychopaths must also be examined, exploring their reactions and responses to different types of environments and treatments and significantly their likelihood of reoffending if released. Finally it must be decided whether psychopaths should be held criminally responsible for their actions (and therefore sentenced to prison) or be entitled to the insanity defence and be sent to a psychiatric hospital to be treated, where the psychopath would usually spend longer time than if they were sentenced to prison. If a psychopath is guilty of

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