A Chemy Called Al By Wendy Isdell

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Lindsey Turner Turner, 1 11th Grade Chemsitry Mr. Sanders May 4th, 2016 Introduction : A Chemy Called Al by Wendy Isdell, is a reader-captivating story about a girl named Julie, and her adventures into mathematics and science, and how they correlate with each other. Julie, being very sharp minded and sociable, faces an issue in the first chapter. Crucial medical equipment and other modern lifestyle technologies are crashing, and she feels as if it is her mission to solve these problems with the help of some of her special friends through witty context and an introduction towards alchemy. Key Idea One : In chapters…show more content…
She eventually finds herself in the Elemental Forest of Science, where she meets Periodics who work around the clock to save the well-being of the planet Earth, and the chemy, called Al. Turner, 2 Key Idea Two : Alchemy, as described in the story, is the study of creating the perfect metal, gold. Al, the "chemy-lion", describes Alchemy as achieving perfection of any kind, whether it be spiritually, mentally, physically, or even chemically. This part of the book sets the mood for the overall lesson the reader is supposed to attain. In chapter three, the elements hold a meeting for Julie, however they call her "Human!". She 's describing her problem in her world to the elements during the meeting. They trace the issues back to chemistry. Although not officially proclaimed as the problem, but more as a solution. With the help of an old friend, Kalium, Julie is able to try and save the world from the catastrophes of the modern day. In the third chapter, it is revealed to the reader that Al the chemy holds all of the secrets to the study of alchemy. Key Idea Three : Chapters five and six of the novel bear invoices of discovery, ideals, and moralities. A new element, one not discovered by humans, was found in the jungle, planted firmly in the ground in a
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