A Child Called It By Dave Pelzer

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In the novel A Child Called It, the author Dave Pelzer discussed his courage to survive while growing up in his household. The family was living the perfect traditional western family life. During the early years, the family does things together and the mother was always happy to prepare special meals, outings, and surprises for her family. When the father was working, the mother would take Dave and his brothers on special outings. The family would go on vacations which were fun and memorable for the children. At some point things started to change and the mother started to behave erratically. Dave started to be punished perpetually. She would sleep through the days only getting up to prepare minimal meals or to get herself another drink. Dave would be punished and was sent to a corner of his parent’s bedroom. At some point, Dave graduates from banishment to the corner of the bedroom to standing for hours in front of a mirror. His mother would smash his face against the glass and forces him to repeat “I am a bad boy” over and over. His mother would constantly punch on Dave and on one occasion she grabbed him by the arm and when she lost her balance she wrests his arm out of its socket. Dave’s father was afraid of his wife and was helpless to intervene on his son’s behalf. During the new school year Dave wore the same clothes every day and started to be dirty and smelly. His mother did not always feed him at dinner, and he gets a minimal breakfast only if he finishes his
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